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HAARETS – Jews’ enemy

An extremist “Israeli” lefti media that went overboard in crude hatred of Jews

HAARETZ’s insensitivity for victims of barbaric Arab racism

What did the so-called “Israeli” newspaper Haarets had to say about the sheer cold blooded murder (Itamar massacre: Fogel family butchered while sleeping – Israel – Mar 13, 2011 http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4041237,00.html) by racist Arabs targeting babies?

Nothing, or rather the opposite, the total diversion of the human story.

Next time you hear someone defining this pseudo-media as “Israeli,” think again.

Dozens of settlers hurl rocks at Palestinians near Itamar settlement Ha’aretz – Mar 14, 2011

Netanyahu can’t let Itamar massacre dictate his actions – Haaretz – Mar 14, 2011

Nor can this media be reliable at all about Israel/Jews, with such “glorious” writers as Gideon Levy, Danny Rubinstein, Amira Haas, Ela Shohat, Sefi Rachlevsky, Zvi Bar’el (or Tom Segev who wrote a [fictitious ] hate book called “An Invention Called ‘The Jewish People”), and others who “cry” racism when Israelis are sincerely anxious for their lives but have nothing to say when the real racists (Arab butchers and their enablers) target Jews, only for being Jews.

Especially lately, Haaretz is undoubtedly obsessed with these two terms “racism” and “fascism” as if Israelis are not motivated by security… diverting the attention from the real issue: Israelis fighting to survive a genocide campaign from Arab-Islamic forces such as: “Palestinians”, Iran/Hezbollah.

Any wonder now, why it’s anti-Jewish bigoted wikipedia users favorire “reference”? Or why Nazi hate sites wave its venemous articles as items of “proof?”

Haaretz – demonizing religious Jews

Mistranslating peaceful Rabbi Yosef – anti-religious Haaretz’s bigotry

How anti-religious-Jews, the radical Haaretz has mistranslated [again] R. Ovadia Yosef when he spoke about Arab terrorists.

Haaretz in “translating” the speech, used the term: “haters of Israel” in an attempt to translate “Sonei Israel” which was always (even before the re-creation of the state of Israel) and is really Jew-haters or ‘haters of the people of Israel’ – referring to the Jewish people, not connected to the state of Israel – which misinformation portal Haaretz makes it so erroneously sound.

True, the above terminology is used by religious Jews, some ignorant secular Israelis tend to mistranslate it, but one would expect more from such a [sadly] well known and recognized media outlet.

Had Haaretz properly translated the original speech, it would come out clear that R. Yosef was referring exclusively to Jew haters among the Arabs, not all Arabs. As well as the proper context – his reference to murder and terror within that speech, the unfair generalization of Arabs would then be avoided, and subsequently the demonization of religious Jews.

The sad part is that international media outlets like the BBC relies so strongly on Haaretz, especially in its anti-Jewish rant, which is why neither Haaretz nor the BBC have published R. Ovada Yosef’s own declaration on the Arab press that he clearly meant only Arab terrorists and murderers, and had included by no mean ‘Arabs’ per se.

So far, neither the BBC nor Haaretz, had publish R. Yosef’s declared clarification.

It’s just another cheap, yet vile attempt by anti-religious radicals in an effort to “equalize” the sides in [supposed] extremism, (Haaretz, caught up in major anti-Israeli Arab propganda, is also champion in Israeli media, to pull out -so irresponsibly- the term “racism” out of its sleeves, a lot, so quick to define any discomfort from the lack of security stemming from Arab attacks targeting Jews as “racist”, yet, will still hesitate to define the racism-motivated Arab attackers, in that fully deserving term) while the sad uneven reality is that the radical Mullahs preaching annihilation of Jews and glorifying mass murder in ‘jihadism’ are paraded routinely on “moderate” media of Palestinian and other Arab mainstream outlet, just look them up on PalWatch and on Memri.

Rabbi Yosef clarified that his sermon was misquoted, that he was referring to annihilation of Arab terrorists and not of all Arab people, and caled upon his party to look for peace and security…
 הרב עובדיה מסביר בראיון, המובא כאן במלואו, שכאשר כינה את הערבים “נחשים”, “נמלים” והציע להשמידם, התכוון רק לטרוריסטים. הוא אומר עוד: “הוריתי למנהיגי מפלגתי לחתור לשלום ולביטחון”

(In an interview published in 2001 in London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat and Kuwaiti paper al-Watan, he said, “I deeply regret the human suffering caused to innocents, but the source of this should be pinned on the Palestinian leadership.)

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef clarified the Arab press the “speech snakes”

הראיון נערך לאחר מגעים ממושכים עם העיתונים. The interview was conducted after lengthy negotiations with the newspapers. הרב עובדיה מסביר בראיון, המובא כאן במלואו, שכאשר כינה את הערבים “נחשים”, “נמלים” והציע להשמידם, התכוון רק לטרוריסטים. Rabbi Ovadia explains in an interview, presented here in its entirety, when he called the Arabs “snakes”, “ants” and offered to destroy them, meant only to terrorists. הוא אומר עוד: “הוריתי למנהיגי מפלגתי לחתור לשלום ולביטחון” He says further: “I told the party leaders to seek peace and security”

אבישי בן חיים ועלי ואקד Avishai Ben Haim and Ali Waked פורסם: Released:  22.10.01, 13:58 22:10:01, 13:58 

פרסום ראשון: מנהיגה הרוחני של ש”ס הרב עובדיה יוסף העניק ראיון רחב היקף לעיתונות הערבית העולמית. הראיון התפרסם היום (ב’) בעיתון הלונדוני “א-שרק אל אווסט” ובעיתון “אל ווטן” הכוויתי. (לראיון המלא ראו קישור מימין) First Published: Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef gave an extensive interview in the international Arab press. The interview was published today (Monday) in the London [based] newspaper A – Sharq Al Awsat  and in the  Kuwaiti Al Watan. (Full interview, see link right)

הראיון נערך בשבוע שעבר, יומיים לפני רצח השר רחבעם זאבי. The interview was conducted last week, two days before the assassination of Minister Zeevi. עורכי העיתונים שלחו את שאלותיהם בפקס והרב עובדיה יוסף כתב את תשובותיו בכתב ידו, התשובות תורגמו, הודפסו ונשלחו אל מערכות העיתונים הערביים. Newspaper editors send their questions by fax and Rabbi Ovadia Yosef wrote his answers in his own handwriting, the answers were translated, printed and sent to Arab newspapers systems.

לריאיון הנדיר קדמו מגעים שנמשכו חודשים בין דובר תנועת ש”ס איציק סודרי לבין עורכי העיתונים עבדול רחמן אל רשיד ומוחמד אל ג’זים באמצעות צד The rare interview was preceded by negotiations that lasted months between Shas spokesman Itzik Sudri and newspaper editors Abdul Rahman Al Rashid and Mohammed Al-gill by side
שלישי. Tuesday. הרב עובדיה יוסף נתן את הסכמתו כבר בחודש ספטמבר, אולם פיגועי הטרור בבנייני התאומים דחו את ביצוע הראיון עד לשבוע שעבר. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef gave his consent already in September, but the World Trade Center terrorist attacks postponed the execution of the interview until last week.

בהנהגת ש”ס ראו חשיבות רבה בקיום הראיון וזאת בשל סדרת ההתבטאויות של הרב נגד ערבים בשנה האחרונה, התבטאויות שגררו איומים על חייו. בין היתר כינה הרב יוסף את הערבים “נחשים”, “נמלים” ואמר כי “צריך להשמיד אותם ולתת להם טילים על הכיף כיפאק” (ראו קישור מימין). Shas leadership saw the conducting of the interview of great importance due to the rabbi’s remarks series against Arabs in the past year, statements dragging death threats. Among other things, Rabbi Yosef called the Arabs “snakes”, “ants” and said that “We must destroy them.. “(see link right).

בראיון מסביר הרב יוסף שבדבריו אלו התכוון רק לטרוריסטים הערביים ולא לציבור הערבי כולו. In an interview with Rabbi Yosef explains his words are meant only to Arab terrorists and not to the entire Arab public. לדבריו, סולפו דבריו: “וכל מה שרציתי לומר הוא שהתכוונתי לאותם שפלים האחראים לשפיכת דמם של ישראלים ואחראים להתקפות שביצעו רוצחים מהשטחים הפלסטינים”. He said that his words were distorted: “all I wanted to say is that I referred to those  responsible for spilling the blood of Israelis and are responsible for attacks committed by killers from the Palestinian Territories.”

לדברי מנהיג ש”ס, כל ממשלות ישראל, כולל ממשלת שרון, רוצים להגיע להסכם עם הפלסטינים, “בתנאי שאלו יפסיקו את פעולות הטרור והשנאה”. עובדיה מוסיף: “הוריתי למנהיגי מפלגתי לחתור לשלום ולביטחון, גם אם הדבר כרוך בויתור על אדמות הכלולות בהבטחת אלוהים לבני ישראל”. According to the leader of Shas, all Israeli governments, including the Sharon government, want to reach an agreement with the Palestinians, “provided that these [Palestinians] end their terrorist acts and hate”. Ovadia adds, “I instructed party leaders to seek peace and security, even if it means relinquishing land included in God’s promises to the children of Israel. ”

מנהיג ש”ס מביע צער על כך שההנהגה הפלסטינית חסרה את האומץ להגיע לשלום עם ישראל. לדבריו, הדת היהודית מעדיפה את ערך האדם על פני כל דבר אחר, כי ליהדות ולאיסלאם היסטוריה מפוארת של חיים משותפים. Shas leader expresses regret that the Palestinian leadership lacks the courage to make peace with Israel. He said that the Jewish religion would prefer the human value over anything else, that Judaism and Islam glorious history of living together.

הרב סיפר בראיון כי חלק מהספרות היהודית נכתבה במדינות המוסלמיות במהלך תור הזהב של השפה והספרות הערבית. The Rabbi said in an interview that some Jewish literature written in Muslim countries during the golden age of Arabic language and literature. מנהיג ש”ס קרא לשיפור תנאי החיים של הערבים בישראל ואמר כי נתן הוראה ברוח זו לשרי ש”ס. Shas leader called for improving the living conditions of Arabs in Israel and said that this spirit has ordered Shas ministers.

בעקבות הריאיון צופים בש”ס שיתקיימו מגעים בין הרב עובדיה יוסף לבין מנהיגים דתיים איסלאמיים. Following the interview, expect to be held contacts between Shas Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and Islamic religious leaders.


Haaretz – exposed

Haaretz is ‘officially’ political with the radical left.

Ha’aretz: “U.S. group launches campaign against West Bank … 3 Aug 2010 … APN’s Video Campaign received top billing on Ha’aretz online: …. September 2008 (84) · August 2008 (48) · July 2008 (62) · June 2008 (42) … peacenow.org/entries/haaretz_campaign_against_settlement_construction

Journalist accused of leaking secret IDF documents – Israel News …Apr 8, 2010 … According to the indictment, Kam gave some of the documents to Haaretz reported Uri Blau, who used them in a series of features he wrote …

Column One: The Haaretz spy scandal Apr 16, 2010 … Haaretz provides Israeli affirmation for anti-Israel attitudes. … it is this that angers me more than the radical Left themselves. …

Skewed priorities in the Anat Kamm affair Apr 12, 2010 … Has Haaretz adopted the radical agenda of some of its writers, who focus obsessively in its pages on Israel’s purported brutality while …

Police investigating Ha’aretz reporter


06/18/2010 10:15

Hammerman described illegally helping Palestinian teens into Israel.

Israel Police is investigating Ha’aretz reporter Ilana Hammerman for helping three Palestinian girls illegally enter Israel and disturbing a police officer, The Jerusalem Post learned on Friday.

Hammerman wrote an article entitled “If there is a heaven” in which she described how she brought 18-year-old Palestinian girl Aya and her two cousins into Israel without permits, for “a day of fun” in Tel Aviv, during which she lied to an undercover police officer.


UK Jews slam ‘Haaretz’ columnist for book tour Aug 18, 2010
LONDON – Jewish community organizations in the UK have criticized Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy for a series of book launch events across the country with a number of notorious anti-Israel groups.

Shame on ‘Haaretz’ | Op-Ed Contributors | Jerusalem Post Nov 6, 2007 … In that sense, the broadsheet Haaretz stands alone

Haaretz bias
Posted on 07/28/2006 by Laurence Simon
Haaretz offers up the following:
Israel Air Force planes dropped pamphlets on the Gaza Strip offering Palestinians Israel’s terms for a cease-fire, the Itim news agency reported on Friday.
The pamphlets said the Israeli government was willing to cease the Israel Defense Forces attacks on Gaza if abducted soldier Gilad Shalit is returned unharmed and militants stop firing Qassam rockets at Israeli settlements.

Sderot and Askhelon are Israeli cities, not settlements.
Translation error, lazy rewire from wire copy, or Avi Issacharoff’s personal biases?

Caroline Glick :: Hamas embraces Haaretz’s star reporter 17 Apr 2010 … Here is a link to a slobbering love fest interview of Haaretz’s terrorist loving “reporter,” Gideon Levy with none other than Hamas’s …

Who are Haaretz’ Shareholders? – Op-Eds – Israel National News Apr 22, 2010

“Haaretz-the Thinking Man’s Newspaper” Editor Airs his Thoughts …Apr 9, 2010 … Uri Tuval is assistant editor of the magazine section of the Haaretz Hebrew language newspaper, and his comments shocked even his radical …

Haaretz Editor Says “The Settlers” Control Israel Lobby – Inside …Oct 7, 2007 … For the second time in the course of four weeks, a senior editor of ultra- leftist Haaretz has openly given voice to his radical agenda. …

Ha´aretz, the Lie of the Land – Op-Eds – Israel National NewsJul 23, 2001

Haaretz Editor Refuses to Retract Israel Apartheid Statements …Sep 5, 2007 … Haaretz editor and board member Danny Rubinstein insists Israel is an … It also provides grants to radical groups that attack Jewish …

Ha’aretz Forced to Apologize to Har Bracha Residents – News Briefs …Radical left-wing journalist Gideon Levi and the newspaper that employs him, Ha’ aretz, were forced to apologize to residents of Har Bracha…

Haaretz Streetwalks for Neo-Nazi Norman Finkelstein – Back to …May 27, 2008

Ha’aretz Editor Apologizes to Peretz Family – News Briefs – Israel …Ori Toval, the deputy editor of Ha’aretz, on Saturday night issued an apology … in an “unworthy, radical manner that does not properly represent my views.

CAMERA: Ha’aretz Fuels Anti-Israel Bias Aug 6, 2001
[…] One factor is their sources in the Israeli media. As Eric Weiner, former Jerusalem bureau chief for National Public Radio, told a Palestinian media symposium, every working day began with scanning local papers for stories. He relied especially on what he termed the “very respectable [Israeli] newspaper” Ha’aretz. Like NPR, countless other media cite Ha’aretz writers regularly, while a global audience reads the paper’s English Internet edition online.
Although Ha’aretz bills itself as “an independent newspaper with a broadly liberal outlook,” many of the opinion writers and some reporters espouse views of the extreme far left, and factual accuracy is often sacrificed to their political predilections. Reporter Amira Hass, for example, has just been ordered by the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court to pay $60,000 in damages to the Jewish community of Hebron for her false and incendiary report that Jewish residents there had abused the corpse of a dead Arab shot by Israeli Border police in a violent incident. The allegations were disproved by multiple televised accounts of the event.
The same reporter’s stories, replete with distorted and inaccurate charges that Israel is an “apartheid” state, steals Palestinian water, callously targets Palestinians over the age of 12 with sniper-fire, and generally subjugates Arabs out of sheer viciousness, are posted on countless anti-Israel websites. So also is the commentary of a score of other Ha’aretz writers (Gideon Samet, Gideon Levy, Akiva Eldar, Baruch Kimmerling, Ze’ev Sternhell, Joseph Algazy, Danny Rubenstein, Moshe Reinfeld and many more), in the company of other favorites of such websites like Noam Chomsky, Hanan Ashrawi and Edward Said (eg: cesr, pmwatch, globalsolidarity, liberate-palestine).
Indeed, a look at such sites and the content of the Ha’aretz articles posted suggests that Ha’aretz writers are in the vanguard of those making the Palestinian case against Israel.
Hass and the extreme among her colleagues are also eagerly quoted by the most virulent anti-Israel commentators in the American media. The Orlando Sentinel’s Charley Reese, a syndicated writer obsessed with supposed Israeli iniquity praises Hass for writing “poignantly of this practice [of targeting Palestinians over 12 with sniper-fire] in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz.”
A ferociously anti-Israel writer at Connecticut’s Hartford Courant, Amy Pagnozzi, warmly endorses the observations of veteran Israel-basher Robert Fisk from Britain’s Independent newspaper, who said: “In particular, coverage in the Israel newspaper Ha’aretz ‘outshines anything’ reported in the States…The Israeli paper’s Gaza correspondent, Amira Hass, recently reported on an Israeli Defense Forces sniper whose orders were to shoot anyone over 12 as fair game.”

CAMERA: Ha’aretz Refuses to Correct Prominent Front Page Error Feb 6, 2005 … That Op-Ed took Ha’aretz to task for not correcting multiple errors by … media critics will continue to spread the word that Ha’aretz refuses to correct errors and cannot be considered a reliable source.

Journalist: U.S. Should ‘Rape’ Israel
By Staff Reporter of the Sun | December 27, 2007
The editor in chief of Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper, David Landau, confirmed yesterday that he has pleaded with Secretary of State Rice to “rape” Israel and its neighbors into resolving their problems.

Ha’aretz, Lost in Translation IV CAMERA/Snapshots – 08 March ’11
Ha’aretz seems to have learned a lesson in misrepresenting matters from the anti-Israeli foreign press.

A reply to Linda Grant (What HaAretz would not publish) « CiF Watch Jun 16, 2010 … Haaretz is not a reliable newspaper and I’ve often found factual errors which are not corrected– attempts to point this out fail because …

Ha’aretz Journalist’s Speaking Tour: Sponsored by Anti-Zionists Aug 25, 2010 … Is this the sort of organization that Gideon Levy, a Ha’aretz journalist … someone whose anti-Israel bias is well-known to HonestReporting …

Response to The Anti-israel Gideon Levy in Ha’aretz
Published by Benyamin Solomon on January 11, 2009 in Opinions

“If the links have been distant from each other and if obstacles, placed by those who are the lackeys of Zionism in the way of the fighters obstructed the continuation of the struggle, the Islamic Resistance Movement aspires to the realisation of Allah’s promise, no matter how long that should take. The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said:

“’The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.” (related by al-Bukhari and Moslem).’”
-Article seven of the Hamas charter.

Gideon Levy is a well-known anti-Israel propagandist who writes for the Haaretz, which is a well-known Israeli newspaper. I read one of his article called “The neighborhood bully strikes again.” It refers to Israel’s recent attacks on Gaza. Levy repeatedly refers to Israel, a country who had to deal with genocidal aggression even before her existence, as a “bully.” You can see that he does it even in the title, where he calls Israel the “neighborhood bully.” The real bully [or “neighborhood bully”] in the region are nations like Iran, which is ruled by a medieval Islamo-fascist regime that is developing nuclear weapons and sponsors terrorism all over the world with the goal of spreading Iran’s totalitarian form of Islam all over the world. Other “bullies” in the region are Syria, which also sponsors terrorism and as well as Saudi Arabia, which sponsors terrorism as well as builds and controls mosques around the world that spew the ideology of radical Islam. For example, to see Iran being the bully, look at Iran sending in terrorist squads to subvert the democracy in Iraq and in attempting turn it into an Islamo-fascist hell hole. Syria also sponsors terrorism in Iraq, also a major obstacle to peace in Iraq. Were the Arab states who invaded Israel in 1948 not “neighborhood bullies” or Nasser’s Egypt, which sent Fedayeen terrorists to kill innocent Israeli men, women and children and almost led a coalition of Arab states that would’ve invaded and wiped Israel off the map? The real bullies in the region are not Israel, but mad men like Bashar al-Assad and Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, and Nasser before them. Honestly, I’d go as far as to say that Israel should bomb any Iranian ship that is there to give weapons to Hamas, which terrorizes innocent Israeli men, women and children.

The Islamic republic of Iran is one of the most fascist and backward powers in our times.

Levy refers to Gaza as “the city of refugees.” True, there are Palestinian refugees in Gaza, but most people in Gaza are not refugees. Nowhere mentioned is the fact that Hamas terrorists hide their terrorist infrastructure among innocent civilians. Nowhere mentioned is that Hamas hides among civilians. It was reported that Hamas fired mortars from a UN school…


Following the herd – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News 25 Jun 2006 … I hope to see this posted, even though Haaretz is bias in favor of Arabs and Islam and against most things Israel and Jewish. …


Haaretz and Amira Hass use photo of Hussam Abdo out of context again [Wednesday, June 30, 2010]


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